For many folks, these next few weeks will be about graduation day.

Whether in college, high school, or even junior high, plenty of people will be moving on to another level of education or wrapping up their schooling entirely.

That means there will be parties for those who want them before or after, but there will almost always be a celebratory dinner.

The big question is where to go for that big celebration.

Luckily, we were spoiled by choice because there are so many great restaurants in the area.

Unfortunately, my son could only choose one for the entire family for his after-graduation dinner.

We left it all up to him to decide, and it came down to two restaurants.

Lino's at 5611 East State Street in Rockford. 

Lino's via Yelp
Lino's via Yelp

I know I raised my son right when Lino's was one of his top choices for graduation dinner.

Lino's has some of the best pizzas in the entire city, along with a too-die-for eggplant parmesan and an incredible chicken parmesan. It's kind of a no-brainer.

The other choice was the Palmyra Pub and Eatery at 628 Palmyra Road in Dixon.

This is a bit different than Lino's, but it is still a perfect spot for graduates, considering it is owned by the same family that runs the Candlelight in Rock Falls and formerly Sterling.

If you aren't aware of what the Palmyra Pub has on the menu, here are two words: Chicken George. Try it; it'll change your life.

Palmyra Pub & Eatery via Yelp
Palmyra Pub & Eatery via Yelp

Where did we end up eating on graduation day? I'll never tell, but if it were up to you, which of the two would you choose?

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