A man believed to be an UberEats driver is accused of stealing packages from an apartment in Chicago.

The video, shared on Reddit last night shows a man delivering a pizza or two. While he's waiting at the elevator, he notices something to the right.

Best guess, it's the boxes that he would later be seen with while walking out of the building.

Later in the video, the man stuffs them into his car and takes off.

Reddit users have commented saying looks like the alleged thief may have done this at a few different locations. If you look closely at the man's vehicle, it appears this may have not been the only robbery.

No idea if the person who had their packages stolen called the Chicago police regarding the theft, but if this happens to you, be sure to file a claim with the United State Postal Service.

This kind of theft probably doesn't happen in Rockford as often as it does in Chicago, but it's that time of year, so be careful. If you plan to receive a large package in the mail be sure to get inside as quickly as possible.

There's nothing worse than a thief ruining the holidays.

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