This weekend is a BIG one for Rockton, IL, the return of The Drive 815 complete with a bounce house and police cars to play in. 

There are one or two things that got better in 2020, reservations for everything and the return of the drive in movie. That's about it.

It's nice to see that the return of the drive-in wasn't short-lived.

That we realized going to the movies from your car is actually pretty awesome and we never should have let it die.

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Thankfully we didn't!

And there are plenty of drive-ins in Illinois that were 'born again,' in 2020 and then there were some that we born for the first time.

One of those is 'The Drive 815: Rockton IL Cinemas from the Car.'

What's the Drive 815?

The Drive 815 is basically a parking lot turned into a fun event for families in Rockton. There are movies, games, and activities for kids built around the movie that's playing each event.

This weekend, The Drive 815 is playing Super Mario Bros on Friday night and playing Puss in Boots: The Last Wish on Sunday.

They're also hosting the Rockton Police Department and Bounce House Extravaganza.

A ticket for The Drive 815 usually costs $25 a car but right now you can get your carload for $15 each per night. 

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The movies start at approximately 8:30pm each night.

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