Bulls rookie has impressed early in the Bulls season and he showed off one more talent during the latest Bulls' practice.

Today, was Chicago point guard Lonzo Ball's birthday. Ball has had a great start to the Bulls' 4-0 season (the first 4-0 start since Jordan's 96-97 Bulls, they won a championship, just saying.)

A short compilation of his early season success:

Lonzo had a triple-double Friday night with no turnovers (the first time a Bull has done that since Pippen in 1995, noticing a trend?), so it's only right he gets the royal treatment from the rookie on his birthday.

Apparently one of the rookie duties on this Bulls team is to sing Happy Birthday, when needed and it was needed after today's practice.

That is Illinois rookie Ayo Dosumnu showing off his pipes. Was it great? No. But it does show off his willingness to commit to whatever role is given to him.

It's very nice to see the University of Illinois coach keep in touch with the best player he's coached after he made the NBA. '

Both Coach Underwood and Ayo have exciting seasons ahead of them. The Bulls are off to their best start in 25 years and the University of Illinois basketball team is gearing up for their most anticipated season since 2005 when they made the Final Four.

You can catch both of these teams all year on 1440 WROK. Bulls and Illini basketball will be dominating our airwaves well into the postseason for both teams. Hop on the band wagon now while there's still plenty of room.

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