Three years ago, when my son started applying to colleges, I was so excited to hear that he wanted to return to our home state of Minnesota to attend the U (that's what it's called in the Twin Cities; just "The U.")

However, before he made any final decisions, I had to ask, "are you sure you don't want to go to UW Madison?" We were living in Lake Geneva at the time and it would've been so much closer. I just wasn't ready for him to be so far away.

Now that he's been at the U for almost two years and he's gotten zero financial aid, I'm sort of hoping that he'll consider transferring now that the University of Wisconsin is offering free tuition for families who make less than $56,000.

Now that I'm divorced and single again, he's more than qualified.

According to WGN, your college bound son or daughter could be too.

The new program, "Bucky's Tuition Promise" provides the following:

  • free tuition for four years
  • no fees for eight semesters, four semesters for transfer students
  • must be an in-state student
  • annually family income must be no more than $56K

In-state tuition for Wisconsin is currently a little over $10,000 a year.

The program is set to begin this fall.


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