Hundreds of supporters are expected to attend the group's anti-mask rally in Madison, Wisconsin this week.

On Thursday, July 23, the Unmasking Tyranny Wisconsin rally will take place starting at 12 noon, according to The group holding the event are inviting anyone who supports their movement, to be at the Department of Health Services building at 1 W Wilson Street at noon.

The event is planned to last until 4 p.m., according to event organizers but no confirmation  on if there will be a march.

Have you ever bought someone a greeting card that was as if it was made just for you and the person who you're giving it to? It contains the exact words you would say to them.

I had a similar moment while trying to find the words to say about this rally and then I found this in my newsfeed.


If you do attend, I recommend hitting up Paisan's Italian Restaurant, just a few blocks away from the rally.

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