Experts don't know all the ways COVID-19 can affect our bodies. This recent fertility discovery was discussed during Dr. Renk's chat with The Steve Shannon Show.

Not a day goes by that you don't see some sort of shocking headline relating to COVID-19. To protect me from a day filled with ridiculous pandemic claims, I try to stick to websites that I know I can trust. You can usually tell which ones will be giving you something useful just by their address. I really encourage that before you share your 'new discovery.'

When I saw the headline, 'Can COVID-19 Cause Infertility in Men?' I clicked and had to learn more. That's also when I texted pediatrician, Dr. Bill Renk (Swedish American) to get his take on this information. According to Dr. Renk, it's not just men, who could risk infertility if catching the COVID-19 virus.

WGN TV has written even more on this subject, including the possibility of COVID-19 being transmitted sexually.

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