The ultra popular Urban Farmgirl announced dates and a few vendors on Instagram that will be at this year's Main Street Market.

In case you didn't know exactly what Urban Farmgirl is according to their Facebook page, it's an "occasional sale shop located at 2202 Rural Street in Rockford, IL. Open 2 weekends a month!"

For many, the weekends that the store is open is centered around a shopping trip to Rockford. Needless to say, Urban Farmgirl is a shopping destination.

When the store is open, generally it's pretty packed so the announcement of their two dates at the Main Street Market is kind of big news,

On the Urban Farmgirl Instagram page, "I can't wait for each and every one of them to give you their BEST on May 20th & September 9th this year! Mark your calendars because it's going to be GOOD!!"

The Main Street Market previously took place at Midway Village and while all signs point to Urban Farmgirl returning to the same location nothing has been made official.

Here's a full list of vendors at Main Street Market thus far:

To register as a merchandise vendor click here.

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