When I think back on 2020 life, I'll never forget the entertainment and joy the Shedd Aquarium Penguins brought me throughout the whole year.

When the Chicago aquarium shut down, they realized that the animals there could use some exploring and interaction. So they started taking the penguins on field trips! It started with just some trips to other exhibits around the aquarium.

They went all around the aquarium, and then they got the chance to visit some other big locations around the city.

They went to a couple museums, and then the took their biggest field trip yet. The penguins from the Shedd Aquarium literally went to Soldier Field.

They filled 2020 with so much joy, and I can't lie, I was kind of nervous that the Shedd would stop posting these kinds of videos in the new year. But, fear not, the penguins are back to their field trip ways! And spoiler alert - they're just as adorable as last year's.

Is it just me or are they like little humans? It's like when you bring a little kid somewhere for the first time, and they spend most of the time just looking all around. You can see the curiosity in their face, and that's just how these penguins are! They love exploring so much, I hope they get to go on a lot more field trips this year.

You can check out more from the Shedd Aquarium on their YouTube page. 

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