Hey, why not try every viral recipe right now, right?

Gone are the days of microwaving a Lean Cuisine and calling it dinner. I mean, if you're doing that, honestly that's totally fine and more power to you, but I've been feeling guilty if I'm not at least trying to chop or saute something right now, so I was extra excited to hear about this simple pancake recipe.

One banana and two eggs, you can't go wrong with a recipe that short.

My friend sent me this recipe and I tried it today and it was actually really delicious!

Bonus points, it took less than two minutes to make and the clean-up was really easy. Plus totally healthful.

One banana, mashed, two eggs whisked in and voila. Pancakes.

I bet you could add blueberries in them too and they'd be delicious!

What recipes are you cooking? Let me know!

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