This guy has the worst luck. First, he has to visit his son in jail only to find that he too locked himself up...for 32 hours.

The visitor was at the Cook County Jail in Chicago to see his son, Farad Polk who is serving a jail sentence on heroin charges.

According to the Chicago Tribune, executive director of the Cook County Jail, Cara Smith said:

He was processed in and told to go down the hall and stay to the right. And he did that and encountered a visiting room for a whole other unit in our maximum security division. He went into that room through two steel doors, both of which shut behind him and he was locked in."


Smith also says "after about two hours, he realized he was in the wrong room."

TWO HOURS? The last place I would want to get lost is a prison. It would have taken me no more than five minutes to figure out that I was in the wrong place.

After 32 hours he was finally "freed" from his accidental jail cell. How did he get out? He managed to set off a sprinkler that alerted the Chicago Fire Department.

Despite the ordeal, the visitor is said to have taken the experience pretty well, despite not eating or drinking for 32 hours.

According to ABC, he is also allowed to come back anytime he wants to see his son and the executive director of the jail says "she will make sure he gets out OK."

If I was the visitor, it would be the last time I'd "visit."

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