Who knew Chicago would be home to three of the hottest news anchors in the world?

While no Rockfordians were included, three Chicago anchors made the list: Larry Potash, Pat Tomasulo and Alex Maragos.

Sorry, Alex, I don't know who you are... but according to this, I should! Alex came in at number eight on the list of hot news anchors. His 5K runs scored him that spot.

As for Larry and Pat, both part of the WGN Morning News team... Larry came in at number 45 because he's won nine Emmys, and Pat came in at number 39 because of his beard... though we all know it's because he's a charming jerk, right?

In case you missed it, last September I 'wrote' Pat Tomasulo a love letter calling him a charming jerk, and he actually liked it!

Because he is the greatest. You take the top news anchor spot over here, Pat Tomasulo!

What Rockford news anchor would you put on this list?

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