Unless the temperature drops below a certain number, some Chicago news women are not allowed to wear winter hats on TV.

I'm sorry... what?

According to Robert Feder, women who report the news on Good Day Chicago, which airs on Fox, were recently told not they could no longer wear hats outside during live shots.

Dan Salamone, an executive producer at WFLD-Channel 32, which is Fox in Chicago, told the women who are out there freezing their butts off in the cold not to wear hats during their live shots anymore.

The source quotes him having said that women, “look a lot better without hats.”

This info leaked when a reporter for ABC 7 in Chicago, Jessica D'Onofrio tweeted that a Chicago station was enforcing this no hat rule, and that it wasn't her station.

When can these freezing women wear hats? Apparently, Salamone said he would consider allowing them to wear hats “if it’s 20 below."

Is it bad that I want to send them all hats?

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