This is one of those moments you can't believe was captured on live TV.

I think my favorite part of this whole video is the pure shock on the journalist's face once he's realized what happened. Someone definitely spilled the beans and when he turned around you could tell he was clearly shocked.

I feel like this is every boat owner's nightmare. You're getting your boat back into the water. But you have to play the dangerous game of getting your car just far enough into the water to get your boat launched. People in the comment section are saying this boat ramp looks sketchy. I'm no expert so I can't tell.

All I know is the situation made for some pretty entertaining news. It wasn't the news story the team had come to film, but it's the news story they ended up getting.

So, let's take a look at the whole thing go down.

Honestly, that ramp looks like bad news. It's pretty wild to watch the truck just sink and create an insane amount of bubbles around it. Lucky enough nobody was inside the vehicle. But this is a good teaching opportunity.

I can't even imagine losing your car like that. I've totaled my car before in an accident and dealing with all of that was a lot. But having to get your car from the bottom of the lake? That sounds like A LOT more work.

I think that's a news day that anchor will never forget.

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