On Tuesday (July 23), MTV revealed the nominations for its 2019 Video Music Awards, and while women dominated (Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande lead the pack) people are concerned about the VMAs lack of diversity.

Though BTS' hit "Boy With Luv" featuring Halsey is nominated in four categories — Best Art Direction, Best Choreography, Best Collaboration and Best K-Pop (a new category this year — after the group was totally snubbed last year, ARMY is outraged that their boys didn't get nominated in any of the main categories, despite their dominance on the charts and the "Boy With Luv" music video breaking YouTube viewing records.

As a result, #VMAsRacist is currently trending on Twitter as angry fans slam the network for discriminating against BTS, and Asian acts in general.

"it's not even about how relevant the stupid show is, it's about the respect bts deserve and the discriminatory treatment bts always get and is not even subtle," one fan wrote. "have you [sic] kp category if you want but nominate bts for the categories where they outsold those western acts"

Others believe MTV purposefully didn't nominate BTS in the main categories because they knew the septet would just go home with all the moonmen.

Check out fan reactions below.

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