I love Thursdays because it gives me a chance to be thankful for a stranger who made a positive impact in my life, no matter how big or small the gesture may have been.

I always talk about how people complain way more than they compliment or show gratitude to others.

Today, I'm giving all the love to one woman in Rockford who made my shopping experience a breeze.

Open Letter To Georgia Who Assisted Me At Rockford Walmart's Vision Center

I've been needing glasses for quite some time now since I broke my last pair about six months ago.  Let me just say, I've never had better service than at the Rockford Walmart on Walton Street.

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The staff is amazing, personable, and just a pleasure to work with always - including Georgia who helped me pick out my new glasses!

Georgia approached me after a few minutes of me browsing their selection and asked if I needed any help.  Since I went alone, I needed someone to tell me if certain styles looked good with my face shape and she was so honest with me.

After picking my glasses, she was on the phone waiting to get an authorization with insurance.  She apologized for it taking a long time and I said I have all the time in the world.

Georgia thanked me for being so patient.  That's why I'm writing this open letter.

It's really rare that people are patient with customer service employees.  For me, I will literally wait all day if I have to.  I never complain, I don't get frustrated, and I understand that we are all human. 

Georgia was incredibly sweet and wasn't pushy about upselling the blue light lens or anti-scratch for additional costs.  She actually explained what the benefits were and let me decide whether I wanted them.


The entire interaction with her was wonderful.  This is a reminder that it's totally okay to acknowledge someone's great service every once in a while.

It doesn't have to be an "above and beyond" experience, it can be as simple as someone asking how you're doing or if you need any assistance.

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So to Georgia, thank you for being a customer service employee everybody wishes they had!  Kudos to Walmart for having staff that care about their customers.

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