2020 - The year drive-in movies became the coolest thing to do AGAIN.

If you want to see a movie in a theatre right now, the drive-in is pretty much your only option. And Walmart wants to help make sure everyone gets that fun drive-in experience this summer.

Walmart will be turning 160 of their parking lots across the country into drive-in movie theaters. The drive-in tour will start in August and will run through October. Walmart said additional details will be announced closer to the start of the tour.

Walmart has yet to say which parking lots will be used, but I feel confident in saying I'm sure some Illinois locations will be hosting this summer fun. WGN details -

In addition to the drive-in movie tour, Walmart has also introduced Camp by Walmart, a new online camp for kids. Celebrities including Drew Barrymore, Neil Patrick Harris, LeBron James, Idina Menzel and Todd Oldham will serve as camp counselors, “leading kids through sessions varying from arts and crafts to fitness and other activities to keep them active and entertained.”

You can learn more about the camp and drive-in movies HERE.
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