Brittney Payton shared what happened to her, just one day ago, in an extremely emotional video on her Facebook page.

When will this hatred over the color of someone's skin stop? When will hatred become something people just work on privately with family or with a therapist? The truth is, racially-motivated hatred and bias will never go away. The movement that was energized by the murder of George Floyd, will lead to some much-needed changes in this world, of that I'm sure, but it won't erase the hatred. It is next to impossible to change a heart that was raised around racism.

What you'll hear about in this video is the kind of disgusting racist behavior that I've encountered more times than I can count. If the color of your skin keeps you from encounters like this, you need to watch this even more. If solidarity is what you're posting about on your Instagram, you should watch this video. Black Out Tuesday was about listening to those who go through things like this almost daily. Thank you for taking the time. This is not okay.

Her tears wrecked me.

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