A two-toed sloth just celebrated her 7th birthday in a zoo in Illinois the only way a sloth knows how...slowly.

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I have two fun facts to share about this sloth in the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. Fun fact #1: She just celebrated her 7th birthday. Fun fact #2: Her name is Jennifer Lawrence (not the actress). I'm not making that fun fact up either.

The Brookfield Zoo just shared video of how Jennifer Lawrence the sloth celebrated her 7th year on Earth.

A tornado-warned storm that went through Chicago this week did cause some damage to the Brookfield Zoo as they shared on Twitter.

The good news about that significant damage is that it doesn't appear to have harmed any of the animals.

The Physics Fact Book declares that sloths move at a blistering 1.2 mph. That's 1 foot per second. Amazing. That's about as fast as some of us get out of bed weekday mornings to go to work. Approximately.

Here's hoping that Jennifer Lawrence (the sloth version) has many more birthdays to come. Make sure to follow Brookfield Zoo on Facebook as they almost daily share something fun.

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