If you're thinking about getting into shape, here are a couple of things that you must know before you start your journey.

There's a huge number of people who try a diet, or start working out and when they don't see change right away, they quit. Your results are not going to be overnight. Change takes time. This is what I do-I stay off the scale, and I take pictures and measurements every 30 days. You're going to see change in those pictures and measurements more than what you see on the scale.

If your goal is to lose a huge amount of weight, just know, that excess skin is likely. Just remember, the faster you lose the weight, the less time your skin has to tighten naturally.

...And know, some relationships in your life may change as you start your journey. When great relationships are being made at the gym (which are motivating and empowering), research suggests older relationships may suffer, especially romantic ones since your weight loss may be greater than your other half.

Here are some more things you may want to know as you're losing weight.

The main thing to remember is this-don't quit. Results take time. If you're good to your body, it'll be good to you!



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