If anyone knows anything about homesickness, it's me. I left Minnesota five years ago to pursue a career in radio and I still miss it everyday; which explains why I've spent hundreds of dollars on gas to make it back there four times in the last six weeks. Until now.

Now, instead of spending $30 on a tank of gas, I can spend it on a candle that will help ease my loneliness because it's meant to smell just like Minnesota.

According to Homesick Candles, the Minnesota candle "Takes you back to The North Star State, with scents reminiscent of winter air and Minnesota apple strudel;" which is pretty damn accurate.

What about Illinois? Ask someone what you they think Illinois would smell like if it were a candle and you'll get some pretty interesting answers like, corn fields and the hot sun, bonfires, lilacs, asphalt and dead Cub meat. Yeah, I didn't get that one either, but some of those descriptions are pretty close.

The Illinois candle "Scent takes you back to the Land of Lincoln with hints of grain fields, violets (the state flower), and lavender."

Wisconsin, surprisingly, doesn't smell like dairy and beer; the Wisconsin Homesick candle "Takes you back to The Badger State, with scents of Kringle cookie, Wisconsin cranberry, and winter air."

What do you think? Did Homesick candles nail it your home state? Would you buy one?

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