Some of you reading that headline may have asked yourself, what exactly is poutine?

I know I had a couple of friends tell me they had to Google it after I asked via Facebook, where the best spots are locally to grab this amazing dish!

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Poutine came from America's hat, Canada, in the late 1950s and I really couldn't thank whoever first came up with it enough. It's has a super simple couple of base ingredients too. All Poutine starts off with french fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Other culinary items can be added after that base to add to its deliciousness. Most of the time it's some type of meat, like pulled pork.

Not too many local spots have poutine on the menu, there's one in particular that I'm hoping has it there soon. They know who they are. 😁

After asking friends where they think the best place around our area that has poutine and surprisingly I've had it from almost everyone who has it currently on the menu.

Right now you can get poutine at one of these local favorites. Keep in mind this list is in alphabetical order only, just so no one thinks I'm playing favorites. I'm a Libra, I naturally have to keep things fair and balanced.

  • AERO Ale House Loves Park - This was a restaurant that several friends had recommended and they're one of the few I haven't tried before. I didn't see it listed on their current limited menu. I did message them about it but hadn't heard back at the time of writing this.
  • Hope and Anchor in Loves Park - This is the one I've had most recently and it's fantastic. On the menu as Pull Pork Poutine and is available for pretty easy and quick curbside pickup.
  • Lucy's #7 - I had their poutine or Lulu fries back in October for my birthday and enjoyed my entire meal, experience, and time up north that night in Beloit.
  • The Olympic Tavern - This was the first place I had poutine at locally and the first time Double T had it too. We both say, go ahead and order it today!
  • Poison Ivy Pub - The only other spot I haven't have the pleasure of trying yet, but I'll be fixing that soon.
  • Prairie Street Brewing Co. - Like everyone else on here, I've enjoyed everything I've ever eaten at PSB. Theirs pairs nicely with any of their house-made brews or root beer.

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