I've traveled all over Rockford eating pizza but I have yet to try something that can be labeled as truly "outrageous."

Don't get me wrong, most of the pizza in Rockford is delicious so there isn't a real need to get nutty with the recipe, but this Facebook video got me thinking about the possibilities.

The video featured 6 different places in New York that do pizza just a bit differently. When I mean differently, I mean like insanely different.

For example, what we think is the standard taco pizza is served like it sounds. It's a regular pizza with actual tacos served as the topping. Cheeseburger pizza is made like that too.

Since I know I'm not headed to New York in the near future, I need to know if there are any places in Rockford that serve pizza slightly different than everywhere else.

So where is it? What Rockford restaurant makes the most outrageous pizza in town?

Top This! The Search For Rockford's Best Pizza

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