Some of the best meats in the Rockford area come from Headon & Considine's Market.

Seriously, they sell chicken, burgers, brats, pork along with different potatoes and salads. I could probably go on and on but you get the idea. The stuff is good.

I try to stop out at least a couple of times during the summer and pick up a few packages of brats and other things for some good weekend grilling.

This year, I haven't seen the mobile meat market. I was wondering aloud just a few days ago to a couple of friends.

Then I saw this:

That explains it. A couple of things though. Even though the mobile meat market appears to be done for the summer, you can still pick up Headon & Considine meats at participating Casey's locations.

You can also drive out to Creston and go to Headon & Son at 103 South Main Street and pick up the goods.

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