Illinois may have earned the reputation of being a "failed state" in the U.S. but there are a lot of people, places and things in the Land of Lincoln that Illinoisans can be proud of.

We've got world famous tourist attractions and landmarks, Lake Michigan, the Cubs, Walt Disney, Rockford's very own Cheap Trick of the best inventions that no one in the world can live without- the cell phone.

Thrillist released a list of the "Best Inventions From All 50 States" and they credit Martin Cooper from Motorola, for inventing the first handheld phone.

Sure, people may be leaving the state in droves, but they can't move across the border without their cell phone.

So, what about our friends to the north?

Thrillist says the best invention out of Wisconsin is the blender.

To see a full list of each state's best invention, click here.

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