Grab a shovel, we're digging through the center of the Earth.

Remember when you thought if you were to dig straight down from where you lived you'd eventually pop your head out somewhere in China or maybe even Australia?

Well, that's not actually true. Sure, you'll never make it through the Earth's core due to science reasons but if you did, what you'd find on the other side is the exact opposite of what we always thought.

The fun Antipodes Map shows you literally the other side of the world from any place on Earth.

Antipodes Map
Antipodes Map

If you type in "Rockford, Illinois" in the Antipodes Map search bar, it'll reveal we're going to need more than just a shovel. To make it to the other side of the planet going straight down we'll need some sort of swimwear, like maybe even a floaty to go along with it.

Antipodes Map
Antipodes Map

That's because after all of the shoveling, scraping, and drilling you'd end up in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

After all that digging, that would be kind of a disappointment, right?

Now if you did make it, hypothetically speaking, you'd probably need to call for help because of all the shoveling, scraping and drilling. There's no way you could swim to safety. Your arms would be just too tired.

Also, what about all the water?

Would the entire Indian Ocean drain and then flood the US? I'm not a scientist but your excavating could possibly lead to a cataclysmic event.

Thinking further, it's probably safer if you just didn't dig to the opposite end of the Earth.

So, let's just leave the oceans alone, but if you do decide to disregard my sage advice, consider starting the dig somewhere other than Rockford, Illinois.

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