Good news hit this week when it was announced that both the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox will be having fans back for their opening days.

Doesn't a hot baseball game and cold beer sound PERFECT? Just how many cold beers though?

A new study just revealed which MLB teams drink the most. Cubs fans - kind of disappointed in you. You lost this crosstown classic match up. White Sox fans drink more than Cubs fans. And not just Cubs fans, White Sox fans actually drink the most out of any MBL team.

Here's where the Cubs and White Sox both ranked on the list.

So that's where the Cubs are at, let's check out the White Sox stats who are sitting at the number one spot.

So it looks like both team's fans spend around the same amount on booze. Does this just mean that White Sox fans are getting more booze for their buck? All I know is, once Cubs fans hear this news, they're going to be seriously battling it out for the number one spot once baseball season is back in Chicago.


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