Do you think you could come up with a better list of the four Chicago Bears players to make a team 'Mount Rushmore? Let the debate begin.

The gang at has given us a fun debate to have with fellow NFL fans, so let's get started.

They picked their 4 players to make the Chicago Bears Mount Rushmore by using a combination of individual/team achievement and historical significance (and some other factors you can read here).

The players Stadium Talk picked, are:

Dick Butkus, linebacker (1965-73)

Mike Ditka, tight end (1961-66)

Sid Luckman, quarterback (1939-50)

Walter Payton, running back (1975-87)

Like the rest of us, it was a struggle to pick just 4 players, so the Stadium Talk team added this:

Next man up: Halfback-kick returner Gayle Sayers.

Honorable mention: Defensive end Richard Dent, defensive tackle Dan Hampton, fullback-linebacker Bronko Nagurski, center-linebacker Bulldog Turner, linebackers Bill George and Mike Singletary.


Do you agree with this list? If no, who would you pick?

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