The sun is brighter and bringing warmth and the return of color. the heavy coats are put away and it's time to get outdoors and play.

A trip to Galena, Illinois is the perfect way to get outside for an entire day of hiking, history, shopping, sipping, snacking and burping. Yes, I said BURPING. We'll get to that later.

Let's start with the sipping. If you want your day trip to be about wine, Galena does not disappoint.

Galena Cellars is a great place to start your wine trip. But there's more to see and sip.

10 Best Wineries Near Galena, according to Yelp reviewers.

There are many interesting and historical tours to take in Galena. The Ulysses S. Grant & the Civil War museum is one you should do. However, this next tour is one you MUST do. How much do you know about the haunts of Galena?

Discover more and even book your tour on Amelia's Facebook page.

Galena's Main St. is filled with great places to eat, but one place stands 'taller' than the rest. Big Bill's Sandwich Shop.

Rumor has it, they have the tallest sandwich in the entire state. Take a look at this monster.

Now it might be time to work off some of those delicious calories or an afternoon nap under a tree. Apple River Canyon State Park if you're in the relaxing or hiking mood.

If you're in the mood for shopping, Main St. is filled with very unique stores. Trip Advisor put together a list of what they believe is the best shopping in Galena.


And now we've come to the burping. We all have that 'one' beverage that makes us burp without fail. For me, it's root beer. I had the best time at Root Beer Revelry with my daughter and you will too. We came home with some of the finest root beers in the world... and burping contests that left us laughing for hours. Stop in a get a flight or two.

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