For every person, there are things about Rockford that occupy special places in the heart and no matter where you are, they make you think of home.

You know how people always say you should never go grocery shopping when you're hungry. I should not be writing about reason why Rockford feels like home while I'm hungry. An Uncle Nick's gyro, Benny's Dariette granita, cheddar fries from Beefaroo, the pizza special at Lino's or some steak covered in 'yucky yucky' sauce from JMK Nippons. I've had everyone of those things in other cities, and every time, I think of how much better they are at home.

While food certainly can make us feel at home, there are a few other Reasons Why Rockford Will Always Feel Like Home:

The Rock River

I love that my drive to work everyday includes early morning views. Whether on it or beside it, time spent on the river feels so good.

And beautiful stories like this.

Rockford Parks

If you've lived in Rockford for any amount of time, or your whole life, you have a favorite park and a favorite spot in it.


Trees providing extraordinary beauty in every corner of the city.

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