McDonald's is bringing nostalgia back, in a HUGE way. Are you ready for the return of the triple cheeseburger?

Ah, the 1990s. Things were so simple back then, you went to school, played basketball in the drive-way when you got home and begged your parents to take you to McDonald's.

Ok, I know there were plenty of other things going on back then, and maybe they weren't all so simple or wonderful, but being a kid was pretty sweet.

During the 90s, McDondald's wasn't too worried about loading us up with too many calories or fat grams. Instead, we were Super Sizing everything AND that meant the cheeseburgers too.

McDonald's launched the triple cheeseburger in 1994 to celebrate the World Cup Cricket, according to MSN.

I remember my first triple cheeseburger. I ordered one, along with a Super Size fries, because my brothers both also ordered the same two items.

Most of my childhood involved me trying to keep up with my brothers, so obviously I was ordering the biggest burger McDonald's offered. Also obviously I ate the whole thing, because I'm pretty good at conquering my goals.

Then the triple cheeseburger vanished from the menu, which might have been a good things for my cholesteol.

But, Mcee-dees is bringing back fan favorites from the 90s and we'll officially start seeing the triple cheeseburgers on menus again!

MSN says they'll cost $2.79, but that they will only be on select menus across the U.S., so you'll have to be sure to let me know if you find one!

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