It is a complete mystery to me why this big wet spot has been appearing in the same place, for what seems like years.

The stretch of pavement in question is in the eastbound lanes of Spring Creek Road, just west of Rockford's Guilford High School, between Brookview and Shaw Woods.

This unexplained water phenomenon doesn't appear every time I drive in by, but often enough that it's starting to bewilder me. I made a u-turn to take a closer look. Was it water backing up from a sewer drain? Nope, no sewer drain that close. Was it an in-ground sprinkler head gone bad? Nope. There was nothing nearby all this wet road that would explain what you'll see in the photos I took.


What the heck is going on here? What is this big wet spot? Why is it there so frequently? And, it's there often enough that is has begun to string the concrete. Who do you even call to get an answer?

Whatcha got on this one, anybody?

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