If you've ever eaten at Chipotle then you know what a magical experience it is. But there is ONE part of it that isn't too magical, and that's waiting in the long line that for some reason is ALWAYS there no matter what time of day it is. It could be 3 PM on a Wednesday and there will be a line. So what's a solution to long lines inside? Drive thrus!

Chipotle is testing out what they're calling 'Chipotlanes', aka a Chipotle drive-thru. Bustle details -

The drive-thru at Chipotle isn't a normal drive-thru; you have to order online or via the chain's app. Forbes reports that after an order is sent in, customers are given a time to pull up to the pick-up window and get their food. Chipotle has been seeing growth in digital sales that it surely hopes continues with the introduction of more Chipotlanes.

So where will these new 'Chipotlanes' be? The company is looking to open up a lot of new stores across the country that have them. So that means the new lanes won't be added to existing locations, just the new locations.

I mean hey... the quicker I can get a burrito bowl into my hands, the better. More details can be found on the press release.

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