I'm a pretty frequent drive-thru person — I can't lie. So this technology intrigued me. McDonald's apparently just got new technology that will speed up drive-thru lines with voice-based ordering.

If this process goes anything like me asking Siri a question ... I'm nervous.

WIFR details -

The fast food titan agreed to purchase a startup called Apprente, which specializes in conversational voice-based ordering technology. The technology is even supposed to understand different accents. The hope is to make ordering faster, easier and more accurate.

I see why they think it will be faster and easier, but they lost me when they said more accurate. People out there are PICKY eaters, so I'm doubtful these automated machines will be able to keep track of the small details and specifics.

However, on top of the chaos of ordering, think about how many jobs this might take. There’s no word on how many jobs might be lost, or when this tech will be rolled out.

So now we play the waiting game.

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