Want to make a trip to Wisconsin to check out a drive-in flick, you're in luck.

Well kind of, that's because no announcement has been made regarding the opening of the Sky-Vu Drive-In in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Depending on where you live, a trip from Rockford to Monroe, Wisconsin might be the shortest drive to see a movie under the stars.

One problem, we have no idea when the Sky-Vu is going to open this year. The Sky-Vu website mentions a return in "April 2018" but no showtimes or announcements.

Call their 24-hour showtime information hotline reveals nothing either than times and dates for the Goetz Theater and a mention the Sky-Vu "will open in May."

While other area drive-ins have already made their opening day announcements for the season, the rest of us are still waiting.

Your move, Sky-Vu Drive-In.

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