Can we all just agree that the person who owns and pays for the ACTUAL Netflix account should be considered a modern day hero? In my family, I'M the hero. That's right, I am generous enough to give out my password to my family and friends while I suffer paying a monthly fee.

Whether you're like me, or you're lucky enough to be one of the free watchers, then you still need to know this news. According to ABC7 -

New software unveiled at the CES tech show in Las Vegas could crack down on account sharing. Software maker Synamedia say artificial intelligence searches for fraudulent activity. When it finds it, it will ask regular users to upgrade to a premium account that includes sharing.

Maybe I'm wrong but isn't the whole point of a Netflix account with multiple watching profiles supposed to be shared? Well, it turns out that isn't the case. ABC7 details -

The company says that password sharing costs too much money to ignore anymore.

Well, the time has finally come that those who actually pay for an account don't get taken advantage of.

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