WROK is giving away a Cub's "Fly the W" flag and a $50 gift certificate to Maciano's to one lucky listener next week. 

If you're one of the loyal 5 o'clock listeners to the morning show on WROK with Riley and Joe then you know we've been having fun with music themes for a few months now. Well, now we're taking the excitement to our Cubs broadcast.

For all Cub games between Aug, 24, and Aug. 28. We will be playing a short clip of music before some of our in-game commercial breaks. There will be a common theme that connects all the songs. When you've figured it out, just send it to us by messaging us through the 1440 WROK app.

But Joe, I hear you saying, messaging through an app sounds hard and complicated.

I have bad news for you. You're wrong about that. It's pretty easy. Just download our app (if you haven't already, it's free!) and the button to message us is right there, front and center:


It's pretty simple.

So to recap:

  • Listen to some Cub games between August 24-28 (Mon-Fri)
  • Pay attention to any songs being played right before a commercial break begins
  • Figure out what they all have in common
  • Submit your guess (as many as you'd like, only one correct qualifier per account)
  • We will announce the winner Monday morning at 7:05AM

The theme will be the same all week so you don't have to listen to every game, although it'd be awesome if you did.

One quick example to make things clear. If you heard the following songs during the game:

  • Yellow Submarine
  • Brown Eyed Girl
  • Green Onions
  • Purple Haze

You'd send us a message saying "Songs with colors." Get it?

We'll draw one of the correct responses and they will win a Cub's "Fly the W" flag and 50 bucks to Maciano's. Pretty good reward for just listening to Cub games.


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