Valentine's Day is almost here, have you made your plans yet?

With life as we know it still changing day by day, it's not a bad idea to have an at home date idea planned for Valentine's Day. Because let's be honest, you'd way rather spend the night on the couch with your boo.

97ZOK is hooking someone up with the ultimate at home Valentine's Day prize! You have until Thursday February 11 to enter to win and it's super easy to enter. But first let's talk about everything you'll win.

97ZOK's Ultimate At Home Valentine's Day includes ...

  • A gorgeous gift basket from Crimson Ridge that includes 
    • A Dozen Roses
    • $75 gift certificate from Maciano’s
    • Dessert from Cookies By Design
  • $150 Gift Card from Willow Beauty Center, 202 West State St Suite 101 Rockford

So basically it's all the things you need for your date at home, and then when you're ready to go out, you can treat yourself to some beauty services.

So how do you enter to win all of this stuff? It's super easy. First things first, have the 97ZOK app on your phone. Then head to the section of the app titled "Submit Photo/Video", here's what that looks like on the app -


Then once you're there, just send us a picture of you and your Valentine! It can be a new photo, an old photo, or even just your favorite one from your phone. As long as it's you and your Valentine, you're all set.

So download the app and send us your picture by Thursday, February 11 and then on Friday, February 12 we'll announce the winner on The Steve Shannon Show. Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!

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