Chicago takes the top spot on a new list naming Bears fans the 'worst' for leaving NFL games early, here's why. 

The NFL is undeniably the most popular sports league in America. Every Sunday, men, women and children park themselves in front of the TV and watch football for hours, including Chicago Bears fans.

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When we (yes, I am a Chicago Bears fan, and yes, I know they always lose) sit down to watch the game, we watch every second, even when there's no way for the Bears to take the lead. Yet, for some reason, we generally leave Soldier Field way before the final whistle and way earlier than any other NFL team's fans leave their home stadium. Why?

Betway recently released a study called 'The NFL's Early Leavers,' listing the fans who are most likely to leave in person NFL games the earliest and Chicago Bears fans took the top spot.


The 'why,' is what really gets me. I thought maybe the number one reason for Bears fans to pop out of Soldier Field early was the weather or because they had no way to come back, but avoiding traffic is the top reason why Bears exit early.

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That boggles my mind... going to an NFL game is really expensive, you have to soak it all in, even if that means a few extra minutes in traffic! Because... unless you leave in the third quarter, there's no way you're going to avoid it all together.

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Maybe that's why my family takes a giant bus to the game every year, with a bathroom, and we get a driver.

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