Over the last few days I have no doubt that many have turned on the heat in their house. For some though, the unwanted surprise of their furnace not working can be really scary and expensive. Not for residents in Boone and Winnebago county though. According to WTVO the Human Services Department offers an emergency furnace assistance program that will assist with non-working furnaces. An assessment will be done to figure out why the furnace isn't working and money then can be used to fix or replace them. Around this time of year with holiday shopping, budgets can get tight so it's nice to see the counties are trying to help their residents curb some of the costs.

Winnebago county also received nearly $3.5 million to protect residents from lead paint according to WTVO. The county will use the money to remove lead paint from 165 low income housing units. Leftover money will help fund the Healthy Homes Supplemental fund and the Winnebago County Health Department. Glad to see Winnebago cares enough about their residents to make sure they are taken care of with healthy warm homes.



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