2020 has sucked, we all know that, but good people and good news still exists in these beyond crazy times.

I think there are so many reasons to love Rockford, but one of the biggest things I love about this city is that when times are tough, the community steps up to help.

We saw proof of it on Friday during the annual 12 Hours of Salvation Army Toy Drive at Lou Bachrodt Automall, and Winnebago County CASA got a big heaping helping of generosity of 'Giving Tuesday' earlier this week.

Seeing this story today on mystateline.com totally made me smile, and it also reminded me to focus on the good, instead of the bad, in tough times like this.

For those that don't know, Winnebago County CASA is a group who advocates for abused and neglected children in the court system. Due to COVID-19, many of the fundraising events they depend on each year to stay afloat haven't happened...then along came an anonymous stranger on "Giving Tuesday'.

Mystateline.com reports that this past Tuesday Winnebago County CASA received an anonymous donation in their mailbox for not $10, not $100, but for $30,000 dollars!

Winnebago County CASA program director, Jillisa Bondurant, told mystateline.com;

On average, one of our events may come in right around $30,000, or a little over. So, not only does it take the place of an event that we may have had this year, but… it’s very serendipitous how everything came together this week.

Bondurant says the generous donation will allow the program to add a part-time staffer to the team of court appointed special advocates that they desperately need right now.

To whomever is responsible for the donation, thank you for reminding us all that good still exists in a panic stricken world. May God continue to bless you and your generous heart.

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