Ladies and gentlemen, it is time... to turn your drinks green.

Are you Irish? You might be. You might not be. But you probably will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day at some point this month.

Maybe you want to head a bit North and get a green drink from Lucy's #7 Burger Bar in Beloit

Way back when... green drinks were usually just green food coloring in beer or a light green margarita. But these days there are WAY more options!

Lucy's is just one of the many places serving up green drinks in the Stateline, but they popped up on my Facebook timeline today, so that's why I'm sharing this with you.

They have three specific St. Patrick's Day drink options for us this month starting with a morning cocktail... The Irish Screwdriver.

What in it? Well, OJ, vodka, blue curacao and a lime.

What else is on the March menu you might ask?

The Irish Ginger! With is quite an interesting mix if you ask me, Jameson Orange and ginger ale.

And then we have the Green Tea drink, which is a combo of Jameson, peach schnapps and Red Bull.

I think I'm ordering an Irish Screwdriver, what about you?

Oh by the way, they WILL have green beer during St. Patrick's Day weekend, March 17-19.

How are you getting green this month?

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