It takes a lot of guts to refer to yourself as the "World's Best" anything.

For this burger place, they're not doing the boasting, but another website that designates things like the "World's Best" did it for them.

Freddy's via Facebook
Freddy's via Facebook
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According to Taste Atlas' list of the Best Butter Burgers in the World (according to food experts), the 10 best are all in Wisconsin.

If you think it's Culver's, sorry, it's not. While the butter burgers from Culver's are all sorts of delish, they only ranked 5th overall.

Business Insider via YouTube
Business Insider via YouTube

If you think it's the actual birthplace of the butter burger, think again. Kroll's in Green Bay came in at number 11.

So if it's not Culver's or Kroll's then it must be the place that took the Kroll's butter burger idea and made it a phenomenon.


Kroll’s Hamburgers in Green Bay opens and features a pat of butter on top of the burger. And that same year, “Solly” Salmon opens a coffee shop in Milwaukee. And Solly Salmon loves butter on his burgers too. Soon, as more and more people adhere to Solly’s burger recipe, the coffee-shop part of the equation becomes less important than the burger portion.

That's when Solly's Grille was born. It also happens to be the place where you'll find the "World's Best Butter Burger."

Per Taste Atlas, Jane and Michael Stern can't recommend Solly's enough:

Here is the great butter burger of Milwaukee, a city where burgers are a passion. It is a modest-sized patty of beef, cooked through, served on a bun quite literally bathed butter. Not margarine, not flavored oil: pure, dairy-rich, delicious butter.

Located at 4629 North Port Washington, Solly's Grille seems like a destination for anyone looking to eat the best of the best.

I'll see you there.

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