If concert tickets don't always fit in your budget, consider heading to this Wisconsin music festival this year, it's where you'll get the best bang for your buck.

We are on the brink of summer! Sure it'll be a few weeks until we're actually lathering up with SPF and hitting the pool, but it's most definitely time to get your friends together and decide what summer concerts you want to head to this year.

If your budget isn't quite as large as you wish it was, then Wisconsin is your number one spot for a music festival this year, specifically Summerfest in Milwaukee.

A recent study by the casino website, McLuck, named Summerfest as the best-valued festival in the country.

Are you ready for this... it will only cost you 62 cents an artist to buy a ticket!

How To Get Into Summerfest For Free Everyday

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McLuck took ticket prices and artist line-ups in consideration when creating the 'Best Value Mega-Festival,' list for 2024 and Summerfest easily came out on top.

If you buy a general admission ticket to Summerfest for all nine days, that adds up to $130 total with the opportunity to see hundreds of artists.

However if you're looking to see some of the Summerfest headlining artists, the entire 'best-value' goes out the window. You have to buy those tickets separately and they end up costing you quite a chunk of change.

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Our other close summer festival, Lollapalooza also made the best value list, coming in at number 5. While the general admission tickets for Lolla are a lot more ($409 for a four day pass), that actually includes the headliners, so you'll spend about $3.10 an artist including the biggies.

What summer concerts are you planning to see this year?

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