"Wanna drive sweetie, mom has had too many seltzers..."

This potential "Mom of the Year Wisconsin: 2017" is something special. Internet gold is what I call it.


Now let's start by saying mom and child were not injured...I think that is the most important part of this. With this Mom of the Year making such a terrible and selfish choice, really bad things could have happened. Thank goodness the authorities caught wind of this knucklehead before something bad happened.


In this video you will see the "after" of this situation. This mother was obviously extremely intoxicated and driving on a Wisconsin highway. When she was pulled over, she had her 8-year-old on her lap steering the car! So drunk mommy is operating the gas and brakes, but the 8-year-old in in charge of steering!?!? Brilliant.


Now I'm sure your mom or dad took you driving around at a young age, in a controlled environment. I let my oldest son steer the car around an empty Shopko parking lot when he was like 5-years-old. No one in the lot and I was obviously completely sober...Unlike this lady.

The sobriety tests for Mom of The Year, are ridiculous. He can't touch her nose, she can't tilt her head back, and she can't walk the straight line. At all!

Even sitting up straight in the back of a squad car was an adventure! Again, the child and the mom were not harmed and no one else was either. Whew!

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