A photo riddle by a National Park located in Wisconsin has left us and much of the internet super confused.

A few days ago on Facebook, Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway posted this:

Some folks said they saw two frogs, others said "I see one, and he was pretty hard to find."

Meanwhile, I was like, "Those leaves look like they might be alive." and "What's that bright green thing in the bottom left-hand corner?"

The debate on "How many frogs are in this picture?" didn't quite reach "The Dress" level of controversy.

That's because the fine folks at the Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway gave us the answer a few days later:

Thankfully they circled, in red, that one tiny frog that was in the picture. I stared at that darn picture for so long my eyes crossed, and not once did I see that guy.

Anyway, that tiny dude in the picture is a gray treefrog, and according to the Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway, it dies every winter. Well, pretty much:

As their body temperature drops to freezing, their bodily fluids converts glycerol to glucose; a natural antifreeze that prevents ice crystals from forming in the tissues. They gradually stop breathing, their hearts stop and brain waves cease. To a certain degree, they are dead.

Good news though on the gray treefrog, because when the season changes to spring, the gray treefrog wakes up. Think of it as frog hibernation. I'm just glad they gave us the answer, that poor frog would die and come back from the dead before I'd actually find it in that picture.

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