It's if there's a competition each year between county and state fairs to come up with the most ridiculous foods to serve. I believe Wisconsin has called checkmate.

I wish the origin of this three bird roast could be traced, but to this day, I don't believe anyone has identified exactly how we came to live in a world where there is Turducken. For those that aren't familiar with this concoction, here it is.

Turducken is:

A deboned chicken, stuffed inside a deboned duck, stuffed inside a turkey.

Congratulations to the Wisconsin State Fair for roasting up turduckens and selling them on a stick to festival goers. Clearly ESPN's Darren Rovell knows that the Wisconsin State Fair has raised the game by deep frying it too.

There are over 200 different food vendors at this year's Wisconsin State Fair which runs August 2 - August 12.

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