Wisconsin residents can all agree that it's been too long, and something that should have been legalized years ago.

Well, that's because a bill that has made its first pass through the Wisconsin Assembly is now on it's way to the Senate after due to an incident that occurred in 2011.

You see, two girls had their lemonade stand taken away from them by Appleton Police. That's because running a lemonade stand is illegal in Wisconsin, at least for now.

And that's why only seven years later, Rep. Joel Kleefisch is hoping his bill legalizing lemonade stands in Wisconsin becomes law.

According to News8000 in LaCrosse, the bill "would allow a minor to operate a temporary food stand without a local permit or license or a state food processing or retail food establishment license. The stand can't generate more than $1,000 in annual sales, however, and must be operated on a temporary basis on private property."

The state Senate gets to vote on the matter next. What do you think, should lemonade stands be legal?

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