Imagine you buy tickets to your favorite artist's concert and get floor access, not knowing at the end of the night you'd be meeting your idol up close and personal.

That's a story this Wisconsin woman can live to tell after attending Post Malone's concert in Wisconsin just a few days ago.

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I've had my fair share of celebrity encounters... by complete luck.  Some of my favorites being meeting Bernie Sanders while visiting Santa Monica Pier and running into Kelly Ripa while sightseeing in New York!

For Rebecca, she didn't even have to pay hundreds for a meet and greet - take a look at the iconic photo.  Tbh, their tattoos complement each other soooo well!

Rebecca Smith - All Things Post Malone - FB
Rebecca Smith - All Things Post Malone - FB

I asked Rebecca if the photo was taken before or after the show.

She said, "The very end after the show he jumped down and went along the rail signing and taking as many photos as he could before his security stopped him. He even gave his shoes to the guy next to me when he asked for them. He signed them first too."

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Man, in a room full of chaos that photo seems so calm with just the two of them.  Truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity every fan only dreams of!

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I think the artist I would've loved to get a selfie with while attending their concert was Lewis Capaldi.  He seems like a genuine guy like Post Malone, ya know?

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