According to Forbes, Wisconsin is home to one of the richest women in America and she's part of the new kombucha line that just launched this week. 

In fact, Forbes calls Diane Hendricks the 'most successful female entrepreneur in American history,' which is a one of the coolest titles on the planet.

You might know Diane because you live near her and wave when she drives by, or maybe you're more familiar with what she has done in Beloit.

She's the cofounder of ABC Supply, which is where the name ABC Supply Stadium comes from in Beloit.

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You might also know some of the delicious restaurants in Beloit that are part of Geronimo Hospitality, that's Diane's work too. We're talking about Truk't, Lucy's #7 Burger Bar, Blue Collar Coffee... which brings me to Grey Collar Ventures.

Grey Collar Ventures is the investment arm of Hendricks Commercial Properties which is how we get to the new Kombucha!

Grey Collar Ventures
Grey Collar Ventures

It's called BK & Co. and it's probably a little different that the other kombucha you're buying at the store, this one is a packet that you mix with water.

Grey Collar Ventures
Grey Collar Ventures

I know you're thinking, I've never seen powdered kombucha before... because it's the first of it's kind.

Sounds pretty portable to me, which I definitely love.

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The blueberry mint flavor is selling on Amazon for $14.99 for 15 sticks, $28.99 for 30 sticks and $39.99 for 45 sticks.

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